Create and print only the bin labels you need, whenever you need them. Get started by ordering blank bin label sheets from Taylor Communications using product code FF00000 or purchasing an Avery template (Presta 94216 or 94221). Full bin label sets remain available for order through Taylor Communications. Follow the steps below to print your own labels and start saving time and money today!

ステップ1: Select Template

Get started by selecting a template.

ステップ2: 部品番号を書き入れなさい

Enter a list of part numbers in the field below OR upload a spreadsheet of part numbers using the template. If part numbers are entered in the text box AND uploaded via spreadsheet, the spreadsheet upload will take precedence. You can enter up to 126 part numbers.





The template provided includes all approved bin label sets and part numbers for reference. Download this template and enter a list of part numbers under the part number header on the first tab, labeled Part Numbers. You can use the reference information found in the subsequent tabs in the template to generate the list. Once your part numbers have been entered, save the file. Then, use the Choose File button to find your file and upload it to the tool.

ステップ3: レイアウトを選びなさい

  • バー・コード
  • バー・コード無し

ステップ4: 印刷物のラベルセット

選り抜きあなたのラベルセットを下検分し、印刷するためにPDFを発生させなさい。 間違いか悪い部品番号が書き入れられれば、ラベルセットに含まれていなかった部品番号のリストは次にダウンロードして利用できる。